Monday, July 09, 2007

White House: Dumber Than Dumb

What we've been saying from Day One of the Iraq war is that it doesn't seem to make any sense and is way too costly for what it would achieve. And that it was a Pandora's box.
Michael Moore said that and he was tarred and feathered by the right, pretty successfully considering Bush won re-election. Moore was correct. All the Bush-backers were wrong; the facts are clear now. So who was unpatriotic in reality? The Cheney-dominated administration, that's who.
With lockstep Republicans starting to acknowledge reality (but not Sen. Lieberman, who is more hawkish than anyone), the White House is finally starting to think about gradually pulling back troops from the bee's nest of chaos. They won't admit that, but that's what sources are telling the New York Times. Of course, in the Orwellian language these terrible leaders use to control the masses, they're calling it a “post-surge redeployment.” When will Americans wake up and begin to prosecute these clowns for gross negligence? THE ISLAMOFACISTS AND OSAMA WERE IN AFGHANISTAN (and maybe Pakistan), now we've brought Al Qaida to Iraq and wasted lives and billions of dollars. Someone please stop the madness of bad leadership.

Notice the comments here: Three diehard Bushies, two of whom want to do me harm for speaking out. That's Cheney's mindset. Control everything. No dissent. No thinking on the part of the people. WE the people should speak out more, a lot more. The problem began when the chicken hawks started throwing around the war metaphor. Once they did that, the terrorist knew they had made real progress. Because they knew we'd sink our national wealth down a deep hole by chasing shadows (Iraq). War is waged upon a country, and the terrorists hide behind civilians. Terror must be fought with more clever tools, and metaphors.


Anonymous said...


stick to TV

Anonymous said...

you should be caught in a terrorist raid

Anonymous said...

Moore is right, more people need to speak out. Most Americans get this, too bad Bush and Lieberman do not, and continue in their fantasy world.

Thanks for speaking out, Joe.

Anonymous said...

let's round up all the liberals and put them in camps like they did to the Japs in WW II. If they try to escape, shoot to kill.