Friday, August 17, 2007

Don't go in that cave! "Muskrat Love..." it's, it's a cookbook!

Here's a ridiculous e-mail, from the Lippin Group, doing PR for the Capt. and Tennile's new/old releases of DVDs (their TV show) and CDs:

Oddly, Muslim extremist and unpopular cave-dweller Osama bin Laden also has unnatural fondness for wine coolers yet is known to loathe the Captain & Tennille. He claims, on poorly produced videos, to wonder “why a grown man not associated with naval operations wears such a hat. What is he captain of?” So imagine the surprise of American forces when they found a treasure trove of what appear to be Bin Laden’s DVDs in caves throughout the Afghan mountains, including all of the duos albums. A hand-written note on the single “Muskrat Love” says, “It makes me both happy and sad and tingly. What magic true artists possess,” as reported by The Los Angeles Times

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