Monday, September 17, 2007

Local connections

In "Big Shots," you have former state residents Josh Malina (Yale), Dylan McDermott and Paige Turco (UConn). It's a male version of "Desperate Housewives": fanciful music and lots sleeping around.
In the Oct. 3 episode of "Dirty Sexy Money," a soap about a filthy rich family and its lawyer, Branford's Daniel Cosgrove will guest star. (I've seen the pilot and it's just OK, but it could make it.)
In the new "Bachelor," one of the contestants is Kim, 31, a realtor who currently resides in Woodbridge, CT, says ABC.

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Julian's blog said...

Dear J4:
I've seen the ads for dirty, sexy money, etc.
Haven't checked out the show yet, though.