Tuesday, October 30, 2007

News items: Deepak, horror, strike, Rosie...

Strangely enough, from Sundance Channel, on the interview series:
ICONOCLASTS features actor Mike Myers and physician, author, and philosopher Dr. Deepak Chopra. The episode, which will premiere on Thursday, November 8th at 10 p.m. ET/PT, features the two influential figures as they walk through New York City’s Central Park and tour Chopra’s urban oasis, The Chopra Center and Spa.

Top 31 Horror Films, as released by Moviefone:
31. The Ring
30. Hellraiser
29. Nosferatu
28. The Descent
27. The Omen
26. The Fly (Cronenberg)
25. Wicker Man (the original)
24. Carnival of Souls
23. The Eye
22. Scream
21. Friday the 13th
20. Dracula (1931)
19. Evil Dead 2
18. Carrie
17. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
16. Night of the Living Dead (original)
15. The Blair Witch Project
14. Bride of Frankenstein
13. A Nightmare on Elm Street
12. Rosemary's Baby
11. Frailty
10. 28 Days Later
9. The Haunting (1963)
8. Dawn of the Dead (original)
7. The Thing
6. The Sixth Sense
5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
4. The Shining
3. Psycho (original)
2. The Exorcist
1. Halloween (original)

TVguide.com says NBC is developing a spinoff of "The Office," but it won't involve any of the main cast members. (Sounds bogus.)

By the way, TV writers may go on strike on Halloween, which will affect scripted shows down the road big-time. One report has NBC reacting by airing in-the-can British versions of the show (quite funny) with the American version on Thursdays.

Rosie O’Donnell, left, joins Martha Stewart in the craft room of Martha's show Wednesday to create Candy Wrapper Decoupage. It will be her first television appearance since leaving The View, says a publicist.

Court TV to be Renamed truTV Jan. 1, with Branding Campaign to Start Nov. 1;
Network Will Evolve to Lure More Fans Who Love Real-Life Excitement

From Court TV; it will soon be Tru:

The upcoming revamp of Court TV into truTV will feature a new tagline and a growing list of original series that are designed to target an audience of viewers who want first-person access to exciting, real-life stories.
“Not Reality. Actuality.” will serve as truTV’s tagline when the network’s new name debuts Jan. 1.

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