Thursday, November 08, 2007

Puffy shirt, yada yada and a whale's blowhole

Viewers have chosen their favorite "Seinfeld" episodes, which will air next week in syndication.
Here's the release:

SEINFELD FAVORITE EPISODES AIR SCHEDULE FOR WEEK OF NOVEMBER 12 (please note: the episode order for each week was randomly selected) 11/12/07 – “The Junior Mint” (Episode 421) - Elaine’s interest in an old boyfriend is rekindled when he loses weight. 11/13/07 – “The Puffy Shirt” (Episode 503) - Jerry is coerced into wearing a ridiculous "puffy” shirt designed by Kramer’s girlfriend when he appears on the NBC News “Today” with Bryant Gumbel. 11/14/07 – “The Yada Yada” (Episode 819) - Jerry doubts his dentist’s religious conversion; Kramer and Mickey fight over a double date as Elaine undermines a couple’s chances at adoption. 11/15/07 – “The Contest” (Episode 411) - Jerry challenges George, Kramer and Elaine to pool their money in a contest of self-denial. Meanwhile, an excited Elaine looks forward to her date with hunky John Kennedy, Jr., and a guilt-ridden George gets an eyeful when he visits his whining mother in the hospital. 11/16/07 – “The Marine Biologist” (Episode 513) - Romance starts to blossom between George and his former college classmate Diane, after Jerry falsely tells her that George is a successful marine biologist. Meanwhile, Elaine’s electronic organizer injures an innocent passerby when it is thrown out of the window of a moving limousine.
SEINFELD FAVORITE EPISODES AIR SCHEDULE FOR WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19 (please note: the episode order for each week was randomly selected)
11/19/07 – “The Bubble Boy” (Episode 407) - Jerry agrees to make a side trip to visit a sickly fan -- who must live in a protective plastic tent -- while he and George drive up to a mountain cabin with their dates. But complications set in when Jerry gets lost while driving with Elaine, and a cigar-puffing Kramer makes an unwanted visit from out of the blue. 11/20/07 – “The Sponge” (Episode 709) - As Jerry conceals how he got an unlisted phone number, Elaine's favorite birth control device is discontinued. 11/21/07 – “The Little Kicks” (Episode 804) - Elaine’s strange dancing loses her employees’ respect; George cultivates a “bad boy” image; Jerry becomes an underground legend after he makes a bootleg videotape of a new movie. 11/22/07 – “The Soup Nazi” – (Episode 706) - A demanding soup stand chef bans Elaine from eating his wares. 11/23/07 – “The Hamptons – (Episode 502) - Jerry and his friends take an ill-fated trip to the beach.

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