Monday, December 31, 2007

Giants-Pats game a classic

I've never been a big Tom Coughlin fan, but I'm closer to it after Saturday night's historic game with the Patriots. Except actually winning, the Giants did everything I wanted, which was give 100 percent and not worry about the playoffs. Boffo, kudos and amen to the G-men.
This was a special atmosphere, with the two commercial networks carrying the game, and the various intangibles (holiday week, Saturday night, unbeaten team losing for three quarters to an underdog, change in broadcast plans) all lined up to make a memorable event.
The Giants played with heart, and had to earn the nation's respect. Eli Manning played more like a professional and less like a disappointing journeyman.
The Patriots had the superior talent and came out on top, which only proves again that if you want to succeed like Bob Kraft, shake the dust of Hartford off your feet and you probably will.
Was that parochial? Hey, who's more parochial than Boston fans? This is a city that chants "Yankees suck" at football rallies. Whiners and losers no more, Boston fans are beside themselves not knowing how to act. They loved the bitter-spiteful attitude for so long. Now they're on top.
And all a Giants fan can say is "Go Indy."

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