Friday, January 04, 2008

Reamed by the rich

Check out this recording of Thursday's "Fresh Air" program on WNPR-FM. It's very informative about the way moneyed interests have subverted democracy in the past 28 years, tilting every advantage to the rich and powerful. Big-box stores' tax breaks, for instance, are corporate welfare because they take our taxes and give them to the Wal-marts and Cabela's. George W. Bush, meanwhile, made his fortune from corporate welfare, not the free-market system that he so frequently espouses.
The issue ties in to the larger idea that when all our resources go to ill-advised war and corporate greed, there's nothing left for job-training, social programs, food inspectors, tax-law enforcers or teen work programs -- all things that could help us live better lives. Great stuff.

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