Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where are the moderates? Give us one wise man.

On the radio this morning: Glenn Beck lamented that only liberals are left in the presidential race. He called John McCain a miserable SOB (except he spelled out the SOB) with a hair-trigger temper and said no one was left to keep Reaganomics alive.
Where does one start with this nonsense? First, Reaganomics had benefits for the rich but did little for the poor. Fine, but Reagan made cheap oil a hallmark of his term. We're paying for that now. St. Ronnie also deregulated businesses like cable TV, radio and electric companies. Look how that turned out. Not to mention the fraud and greed parade that is the subprime mortgage mess.
Neocons and grandstanders like Beck and O'Reilly and Limbaugh have really poisoned the national discussion. For the record, we need a president who leads but respects the checks and balances to his power. Not to mention opposing viewpoints.
We make choosing the president to be something like rocket science, when for two terms in a row it has produced someone so incompetent that we are the laughingstock of the world. GWB didn't have the smarts to ever compromise on complex issues, a huge fault. He did nothing on the environment until about 10 minutes ago. Most damning, he didn't have the wisdom to stay out of Iraq, when we should have concentrated on getting Bin Laden in Pakistan. ANY of the candidates would do better than Bush-Cheney, and Beck has the gall to suggest there's nobody left who could lead? Please, there are fifth-graders who could inspire more Americans than George W. Bush.
As I've said before, if only the Democrats were bright enough to point out how bad he's been. If only they weren't corrupt and could choose a candidate to give people (aside from the mega-rich) hope. Someone like Obama, possibly, which means they'll surely choose Hillary Clinton.

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PAmarante said...

Obama or Clinton would surely mean the demise of this Democratic nation.