Monday, February 04, 2008

Oh. My. Goodness. The Giants are world champs.

Some thougths on the Giants' impossible ascendance to the top spot in the sporting world today:
The way the Giants were rushing the passer, Tom Brady was on the grass more this night than Tom Petty.
Brady chuckled when it was suggested that he would score only 17 points in the Super Bowl. He and his suddenly tight Pats scored 14.
Tom Brady didn't even nod his head when Eli Manning trotted by him and said hello in pregame warmups. He looked like he was being haunted by ghosts. NFL ghosts from Miami.
The Manning to Tyree (Bucky Dent?) play ranks as one of the most unbelievable plays in NFL history.
Once again, the Giants played an entertaining, heart-stopping game, one that could put a stop to all the adulation among young, new NFL fans that have been donning Pats' jersies for six or seven years now. It's a cyclical thing, but a new generation of Giants fans was probably minted Sunday night.
I like Joe Buck a lot better when we win, but not much better.
Little of this season made sense, which is why it's so special to Giants fans -- not the Burress injury that kept him out of practice and made him a better player, not the 0-2 start ending in a championship, not the mediocre play of Manning until the last six weeks, not the fact that an inconsequential game at the end of the regular season would propel Coughlin and the Giants, not the fact that the Giants needed to hold the Patriots to their lowest point total of the year, but they did. And the sports fan is left stunned.
Our guy in Glendale, Jack Barletta of Branford, said the Patriots fans were obnoxious before the game, boasting it was all going to be a matter of time until 19-0. I recall the Boston writer who said this would be more of a coronation than a contest. Note to Boston area: A contest broke out Sunday night and your team didn't get it done.

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