Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Jerry DeCapua DeGiantsFan, almost live from Los Angeles!

Says Jerry in an e-mail this week:
There's something serene about knowing the sun rises and sets in a Giant universe starting today.
(He describes how he sent his old friend, a big Boston fan, an Apple iCard saying, "The DeCapua family wishes to be the first to congratulate the McDonough family on the New England Patriots' fine 18-1 season."
He continues in his e-mail to New Haven, "There are some things in life you just know. I knew the Giants would win this game. I only wish I had large sums of money to bet.
It was a done deal since I woke up two Mondays ago after the Jints sent the Packers packing. They learned how to play with heart. No other team wanted it more. Some people think it was destiny. I say it was desire.
The coaches cancelled each other out. The team that makes the most big plays decides the game. The Giants wanted nothing more than to walk off the field as winners.
I've been a Giants fan since YA Tittle's bloody head. That was the best game I ever saw the Giants play in my lifetime. Yes, even better than the pre-Jerry-football-awareness "Greatest Game" in '58. That game was only great for the Colts.
Go back and find your old dog-eared copy of "Semi-Tough." Forget the movie because it sucked. Check out the last name of the Giants quarterback in that excellent work of fiction. In the book the qb's last name was Manning. The team was part owned by entertainment types. There are many other incredible 'coincidences' in the book to the last two weeks."
See Jerry's Comment for the shocking followup to the above taunt. I only left it out because there was some question in my mind about the timing of the sent cards to Pats' fans. I'll take Jer's word it was before the game.

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DeGiantsFan said...

Lest anyone think I was gloating, you forgot to mention I sent that i-card to all my Pats-loving friends three hours before kickoff. Sometimes you just know......Amazingly, no responses thus far.

Dan Jenkins is Nostradamus!