Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Politics, from the citizen-journalist POV

From Cynthia Farrar, a pro-democracy activist in America (we need it bad these days) and the top exec of "Purple States LLC" on this big primary day:

As Super Tuesday dawns, visit http://www.purplestates.tv/ to see what the Purple States citizens say about their choices. Check out what McCain, Romney, Clinton and Obama have said to our citizens, organized by candidate and by topic. Ask the citizens what they heard on an issue of special interest to you. Chat with Alex, Bert (shown at right), Liz, Tamara or Tanya about how you're planning to vote, and why. Also on our site: Alex and Bert visit the border! new uncut footage from Purple States in California, on an issue that looms large in many Super Tuesday states: immigration.Tune in at http://www.purplestates.tv/! And as always: you'll find our latest episode on the New York Times opinion page.

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