Monday, July 28, 2008

Somehow I don't expect more choice for less money

From the PTC watchdog group:

The Parents Television Council™ praised the FCC decision to approve the XM and Sirius satellite radio merger because it will provide meaningful entertainment choices for families. Previously, XM and Sirius announced their commitment to provide consumers and families the ability to choose their audio programming channels. In addition to offering their traditional bundles of programming, XM and Sirius said they will offer more affordable a la carte packages, including an option for families to block adult-themed channels and receive a price credit for the unwanted programming.

“Families across America will soon be able to see what real choice in programming is like. There is no question that greater control of graphic content, combined with giving consumers the ability to have some control over packages and pricing is in the public interest,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

“We hope the XM/Sirius merger will prove to be a model for the cable and satellite television industries, which should also give real choices to their own customers who are deeply offended by many of the channels they are forced to buy just to get access to family programming. We hope that a meaningful solution like this one will allow the video marketplace to decide for itself what programming it wants – and what it is willing to pay for.”

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