Monday, November 03, 2008

Green, Boogie, etc.

News briefs from the TV beat:

Former MTV shock-humor guy Tom Green will host his own environmental quiz show called "Go for the Green" on Planet Green, the high-def cable TV channel that I actually have at home and enjoy occasionally. The series starts Saturday at 8 p.m. is allowing you to customized your political race tracking this week. Just go to

If you want to explore the roots of recent negative campaign ads and tactics, check out Nov. 11's "Frontline" on PBS, "Boogie Man": Says the promo: "FRONTLINE presents a spirited and revealing biography of Lee Atwater, the charming, Machiavellian godfather of modern take-no-prisoners Republican political campaigns. Through eye-opening interviews with Atwater's closest friends and adversaries, producer Stefan Forbes explores the life of the controversial political operative who mentored Karl Rove and George W. Bush, led the GOP to historic victories, and wrote the party's winning playbook."

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